Double-click feedback in Gnome


I'm copying and pasting a post I made on Ubuntu forums.

"I was searching the internet for a Gnome behaviour that bothers me a
lot. It's about Gnome not providing feedback to make the user know a
double-click has been received and an action is being taken. I found

Well, it's a 2003 post and its first reply says the following version
of Nautilus would fix it.

I haven't really researched any further (I decided to come here and
just ask), but I can see my Gnome desktop doesn't provide any feedback
when I double-click on my home folder or a document.

Is there any fix for this? It's terribly annoying and my customers
complaint loudly about it.

Thanks for any help."

(Please visit if you
want to follow the discussion.)

I really can't believe this isn't fixed yet. I'm contacting this list
hoping I'm doing something wrong and I can get some advice, or else,
asking the developers to do something about it ASAP because this is a
serious usability issue.




Aleve Sicofante

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