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Dear gnome developers and Users,

We are having on ubuntu-devel-discuss mailing list a discussion about refactoring the gnome menu layout.

To have more information on the subject of this discussion, please have a look at

So I the point is, I like the idea below. Removing the *Preferences* and *Adminstration* menu and replacing them with a single menu *Configuration* with a set of submenus.

Can you give me your opinion on this ?

Best Regards,

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Ouattara Oumar Aziz (alias wattazoum) wrote:
Remco wrote:
(I could've sworn that I hit Reply to All... oh well, I'm sorry for
the double emails to you, Greg. )

I sent the following to Greg an hour ago:

I think that a simple renaming or merging isn't going to fix this. The
complete configuration system has to be thought out. Someone
configuring his computer doesn't want to choose between 30 items in
each list. But he doesn't want to choose between 30 items in one list
either. He just wants to configure his:

* Personal Info
       - timezone, language, About Me
* Display
       - resolution, appearance, screensaver, power saving, etc
* Sound
       - which system, which sounds, recording
* Input
       - mouse, keyboard, joystick, head tracker, whatever
* Printers
       - anything and everything
* Peripheral Devices
       - iPod, Zune, PalmOS, syncing, etc
* Network Connectivity
       - IR, Bluetooth, Wifi, Ethernet, Proxy, samba, nfs
* Security
       - Users/Groups, Keyring, Firewall, Anti-virus

Any information, like System Monitor, Hardware Information and System
Log, should move outside the options menus. You're not changing any
settings with those.

Package Management doesn't need to be there either. It has a nice icon
under the Applications menu. An "advanced" button will suffice for
that. It's not really a setting anyway, so it shouldn't be where it is

Maybe another configuration applet is needed: Storage. With things
like indexing, backups, restore points, partition management and maybe
even defragmentation. But Ubuntu is lacking a bit with backups,
restore points and defragmentation. (hoping not to start a
"defragmentation on linux" flame war)

Thank you for this constructive comment. Technically speaking, it'll be very hard to have every section GUIs merged into one (as those are different applications). So there is 2 solutions I see :
- Using sub menu for section :

` configuration
   | - Personal Info
   |   | - timezone
   |   | - language
   |   ` - About Me
   | - Display
   |   | - resolution
   |   | - appearance
   |   ` - screensaver
   | - Sound
   | - Input
   | - Printers
   | - Peripheral Devices
   | - Network Connectivity
   | - Security
   ` - Disks and Storage
       | - Backup
       | - Partition Editor
       ` - Maintenance

- using some /mini control center Guis/ by section :

` configuration
   | - Personal Info
   | - Display
   | - Sound
   | - Input
   | - Printers
   | - Peripheral Devices
   | - Network Connectivity
   | - Security
   ` - Disks and Storage

Some feelings about these ideas ?

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