Re: GNOME 2.24: Worst release cycle I have been a part of [l10n/i18n]

El dom, 12-10-2008 a las 14:08 +0200, Kenneth Nielsen escribió:
> Hello my fellow GNOME enthusiasts

> [...]

> A set of interesting stats.
> ===========================
> This is a list of modules, which the GNOME status page has told us on
> the gnome-i18n list, that there has been made changes to AFTER string
> freeze on Sep. 1 and until release. (I already sorted the ones out we
> were told were false alarms).
> eog 21. sep.
> gtk+ 19. sep.
> hamster-applet 17. sep.
> cheese 15. sep.
> tomboy 15. sep.
> glib 15. sep.
> hamster-applet 15. sep.
> anjuta 15. sep.
> hamster-applet 15. sep.
> gnome-utils 8. sep.
> mousetweaks 6. sep.
> anjuta 4. sep.
> gnome-session 4. sep.
> deskbar-applet 3. sep.
> Now I count 14 changes in there and _11_ individual modules.

I would like to point out that probably all of those changes were
approved by the i18n team, as requested by our procedures. If you
consider some of those breaks to be unjustified, then you could have
expressed your opinion during the freeze break requests evaluation. As a
translator, I am sure your opinion would be well considered before the
approvals were given.

> 's in there. Ok let my say this once so clearly that even a 10 year
> old should be able to under stand it. IT DOES NOT MATTER FOR
> TRANSLATORS whether it is technically a string freeze or not, new
> strings means that we will have to update the module once more, and
> really there are better things to spend our time on. Not knowing about
> the freezes and old patches!  Come on, you are asked to stay of of the
> strings for 20 freaking days each release, how difficult can that be!

How difficult can it be? Well, far from ideal, for sure. Translators
work is hard, I know that, and I respect it enourmosly. Seriously. But
let's not trivialize the fact that it's also hard for us to handle
issues smoothly during the development cycles. Just as volunteer
translators, volunteer developers also have a life and sometimes you
can't get your hands on the issues in the most appropriate moment. Life
sucks, but believe me that we all make our best effort to make it suck
as less as possible.


Claudio Saavedra <csaavedra gnome org>

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