Tasks, Gnome and a few ideas

I've been inspired by http://live.gnome.org/ScratchPad/TheDesktop. I'd like to
see the tasks to replace  the workspace.

I work on several projects/tasks. I have the 'News' section. I have the 'Work'
sectio. They are relativly 'stable' - I have them opened all the time.

However on some projects I work more rarly - for example if I have no important
exam next week. Setting properly the enviroment takes some time and is 
unproductive. Keeping them in-memory waste resources. The problem is also
if I need to restart session/X/computer (new kernel, new memory, new X,
new Gnome).

I'd like to have the 3 modes for each task:
- Active - all programs are running 
- Suspended - most programs are closed but the programs that listen (email
clients, im, news readers) are active so I can see that something changed.
Possibly the active tasks may be GC-ed to this state
- Closed - all programs are closed 

The activation of programs should open them exactly in the proper configuration
(as I left them) - possibly even with unsaved files (they would be saved in
separate location). The creation of task should also be easier then the

The main problems:
- Some applications should be split. I want for example the specific messages
in evolution (filter-based) to be displayed in specific task even if the mailbox
is the same.
- What with non-native gnome applications?

I don't know if this is proper place for those development of idea but I didn't
find better. 

I've probably left my head... somewhere. Please wait untill I find it.
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