Help needed with using gnomevfs/gvfs


I need to write a small app which will catch volume mounts and unmounts
as well as drive insertions/removal.

I have written a Perl daemon for that, which hooks to the signals
"drive-connected", "drive-disconnected", "volume-mounted" and
"volume-pre-unmount" of a Gnome2::VFS::VolumeMonitor object. Getting
"volume-mounted" or the disk signals works just fine, but I never get

I have no idea why, I already asked on the gtk2-perl mailing list but
got no answer. In addition, I noticed that I am not getting
"drive-connected" any more und Ubuntu Jaunty when the drive in question
contains no recognized file system. This is bad because one use for this
app is to auto-mount TrueCrypt encrypted volumes.

I suspect this has to do with deprecation of GnomeVFS, but Python and
Perl (the languages I know best) bindings for GVFS seem to not exist or
are badly documented.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks, Andreas

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