mount_removed signal for USB umount


Nautilus receives mount_removed signal, whenever we mount any removable media device from nautilus. I would like to know who delivers this signal.

This issue I have is,

On some machines, this signal is delivered and on some other machines its not delivered. Following is the test case to try for

1. Plug-in USB.
2. Open Nautilus
3. Select Tree/Places view in the side pane.
4. Right-click on the media plugged in and select Unmount.

Expected result: After unmounting the the device should be removed from the side pane. The sequence is g_mount_unmount is called by Nautilus to unmount. I could see nautilus registered for mount_removed signal. Upon receiving the signal, the media entry in the side pane will be removed. This is what I understood from code.

But, on some machines, unmount happens successfully, but the media entry in the side pane is not removed. By debugging, I found that the signal mount_removed is not getting delivered.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to debug and fix this issue?


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