Request for removing clutter in current form

I'm sorry I'm posting it on wrong list.

I'm usuing currently Gnome 2.27.x and I've become worried about new
dependency - clutter.

OpenGL traditionally have been problematic on GNU/Linux, not mentioning
other *nixes. Many cards are only partially supported and/or produces
not exactly correct results. Proprietary drivers not only are
proprietary but often are not stable. 

Unfortunately I have rather old and strange ATI card and OpenGL I can
best describe as 'sometimes' working. If an game uses it I'm prepared to
have blinking screen or artifacts (I'm using kernel but
problems was 'since always'). I don't use propertary drivers since it
tended to crash computer. While recently situation improved much I guess
that many users may have similar problems.

When I tried new clutter-based gnometris I haven't see it running at
all. The main portion of screen was the previous background. While I
understend that it is not a gnome bug it shows that OpenGL is not
perfect even on 'geeks' desktop. 

While I understend the need of eye-candies I'd be rather grateful if
features would not be hard-depended on OpenGL - since it is not working
everywhere - especially rather old/new/peculiar computers.

Best regards
PS. Please CC me in response.

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