Re: Dragging and dropping windows and a standard application/x-wnck-window-id ?

2009-02-06 klockan 04:53 skrev Dylan McCall:
> Is the potential for upsetting the universe too great for this to be
> bothered with? I realize such a change changes the window menu to only
> respond when the mouse is released (or only with a right click). How
> significant would the issue be?

It removes the possibility to press the mouse button, move the cursor, and
release the mouse button on the menu item you want. This single-click menu
interaction is very useful and I use it all the time.

However, this also works for right-click, so if you leave that as-is, no
functionality is lost. The right-button-press-move-release approach is
actually even more powerful: it works on the whole title bar (instead of
just the window icon), and on the whole window if Alt is pressed.

    — Wouter

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