Possible conceptual problem between VINO and Gnome-keyring

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Hello everyone,

I do not know if anyone else noticed this "problem" per see, but it
seems to me that the way the Vino uses gnome-keyring to store its
passwords might be a little problematic. Imagine the following scenario:

1 - Turn on the Machine
2 - Log on to Gnome and "leave" to another location
3 - Go to another computer and try to login to the machine remotely

This fails, because gnome-keyring will prompt for the user to unlock the
keyring before allowing vino to access the password, thus making you
unable to login.

I believe this only happens if you set a password to protect the remote
desktop access, but if interaction from the local user was needed, one
could just mark the checkbox that asks for authorization from the user
before passing the control to vino.

In this situation, what would be the "problem"? The way vino handles the
passwords or the keyring? If the second, maybe an option to have a
secondary "open" keyring that is opened as soon as you login to the machine?

Best wishes
Tiago "Salvador" Souza
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