Announcement: libdmapsharing for DAAP and DPAP

I would like to announce the continued development of
libdmapsharing. Active work on this library has recently resumed.

The LGPL'ed GObject-based libdmapsharing library implements the DMAP
family of protocols, including DAAP (iTunes sharing) and DPAP (iPhoto
sharing). For those not familiar with DMAP, these protocols are used
by Apple and share many features with UPnP. The library implements both
the client and server sides of the protocol.

Some of the possible uses of this library include:

   - Adding LAN photo sharing capabilities to applications such a gphoto

   - Adding LAN music sharing capabilities to audio jukebox applications

   - Developing DPAP server software for products like the HP MediaSmart

   - Developing DMAP client software for media player appliances

Libdmapsharing is available at:

The library includes two simple test applications that demonstrate the
use of its client and server API.

The SVN trunk version is required for the server functionality, which
is not yet complete. I will be working to complete this code in the next
few weeks.

Mike Petullo

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