Getting started with JHBuild

Hi, I'm trying to get started with JHBuild, and I'm not quite sure what
to do about modules that don't compile.

According to the buildbot ( ), several modules
currently don't build (including gtk+ and gst-plugins-base).

When I first started, gst-plugins-base wasn't building, but gtk+ was. I
figured that I would just wait for gst-plugins-base to get fixed, and
then I'd be good to go, and if any modules (like gtk+) started breaking,
then I would still have working versions of them.

Now that gtk+ has broken, I can't see a way to tell it to use the older
checkout that worked (skipping to the install phase when the compile
stage fails doesn't work). So at this point I figured that I was
probably doing it wrong.

How does everyone go about getting a working gnome from source that they
can hack on? Ideally, I'd like a jhbuild mode which will try older and
older revisions of a module until it gets one that compiles, unless I've
specifically told it not to for a particular module (where that module
is the one I'm currently working on).


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