Re: Call for invitations to be the host of GNOME.Asia Summit 2009 (Deadline is July 10th now)

2009/6/25 Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron sun com>


Brian, I show this as sent May, 15th:

Ah, yes, I see that now.  Sorry for the noise.

Looking closer at my mailbox, it seems that I just got flooded with
several dozen old marketing-list emails from late 2008 until now which
I had never seen before.  Since I just received the email I got
confused about when it was sent.

I assume that there a problem with marketing list emails being stuck
needing approval or something, that just got accepted and sent out
in a storm?

If so, then would it make sense to extend the deadline a bit for
the GNOME.Asia summit?

Yes, Brian is right. 
The deadline now is extended to Junly 10th.


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