[Announce] Artha - Handy off-line English thesaurus with regex search feature released!

Dear friends,
I am glad to announce release 0.9.1 of Artha ~ A handy off-line English thesaurus/dictionary based on WordNet with regular expressions based search feature added to it with this release.

Artha houses distinct features like global hot key look-ups, regular expressions based search to locate a vaguely known word, passive desktop notifications, suggestions for misspelled words, etc. Once executed, it sits on the system tray monitoring for a pre-set hot key combination. When the user selects text from any window and presses this hot key, Artha pops-up with the word looked up. Should the user prefer passive notifications over the app. popping-up, Artha's 'Notify' option does this. Apart from showing definitions, it also shows Synonyms, Antonyms, Derivatives, Similar Terms, Attributes, Domain Terms, Pertainyms and 5 more. When a word is misspelled, it shows spelling suggestions too.

Download (src and binaries):

Code (release 0.9.1):
svn co http://artha.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/artha/tags/0.9.1


P.S.: This is my first open-source application. Thanks for all the support you guys gave me!

Best Regards

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