gnome 'slab' menu from AUR - howto add items in the 'System' area?


I have used the slab menu in Gnome on opensuse and yesterday I and installed it on Arch Linux from AUR which used the newest source package from:

	The AUR packages were:


(libslab dependency)

Here is a screenshot of the slab menu on suse showing the System area and the apps I'm trying to place there:


The favorites, documents and places parts of the menu work fine in Arch, but I can't figure out how to add apps to the area to the right-hand-side under the "System" heading.

    In opensuse all I had to do was to:

(1) first drag an app from favorites onto the system area and it would be added to the end of the system area list, then;

(2) I could just order it where I wanted it in the system list by clicking it again and dragging it up into the list.

Now in 0.9.15, when I drag anything to the system area, it will *not* let me drop it. The app icons just *shoots* back over to the favorites area.

What I notice is with the AUR package is: you get no "rectangular bounding box" around the system area (or status area) when you drag anything from the favorites area over to the right side of the menu. This tells me something isn't working right, but I don't know what in Gnome would conceivably be responsible for drawing the bounding box to indicate the system area is ready to receive an icon being dropped in it.

	I have been through gconf-editor and confirmed:


is checked to allow a user to add something to the system area.... I have also logged in a root just to test whether that makes any difference and it doesn't.

I don't know what kind of help I can expect since it is an AUR package, but I thought I would post here and see if anybody knew what the trick was or knew gnome well enough to know what might be responsible for accepting drag-n-drop input? I have contacted the AUR maintainer and struck out. I have also contacted the earlier developers whose addresses I found in the change log, but haven't had a response. So...

	Anybody know offhand what the trick is?

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