Re: Get list of CD-ROM drives

Hey Trevor

I don't know much about gdu, but I would recommend looking at the dbus. Usually there is a device connected here that can tell you such things.. And also give you callbacks when a CD is inserted :)

On Sun, Aug 8, 2010 at 10:23 PM, Trevor Vallender <tsv tsv me uk> wrote:

I am attempting to get a list of all CD-ROM drives on a system from a C
application. I was advised in IRC to use libgdu. Attempting to do this,
I used

#include <gnome-disk-utility/gdu/gdu.h>

and get an error message that it is an unstable API. When the #define
line is added which it mentions, it then has a fatal error that
gdu/gdu-types.h cannot be found.

Am I #include-ing the wrong thing? Should I not be using libgdu for this
at all?


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