Re: [opensuse-gnome] Why don't my apps that need g-s-d cause it to autostart?


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Le lundi 09 août 2010, à 22:27 -0500, David C. Rankin a écrit :
> Guys,
>     In nearly all my other desktops (fluxbox, e16, e17, icewm,
> etc..) I have always started the gnome-settings-daemon independently
> as one of the startup programs for each of the desktops. It provides
> the gnome-screensaver and makes all the gtk apps look right.

gnome-settings-daemon has stopped starting gnome-screensaver because
there was no reason to not start it with the usual autostart mechanism.

>     To my surprise, you can't start g-s-d anymore in opensuse 11.3
> and have it provide the normal g-s-d services when it is launched as
> part of another desktop (fluxbox, e16, e17, icewm, etc..) -- Why
> Not??
>    When I start gsd, a process is registered in the process table
> because I can see it with ps ax, but it doesn't do anything it is
> supposed to. GTK apps all look pitiful and no screensaver, no
> nada.... It looks like the g-s-d process just sits there and doesn't
> respond to any of the apps or desktop calls that need it services
> anymore. Up until opensuse 11.3, g-s-d was bulletproof.

You'd need to elaborate on the issues. I'm pretty sure that if g-s-d is
running, it will provide the theme information to GTK+ apps, unless it
can't access gconf.


> This tells me that g-s-d is now a DBUS service that is started on demand.

Yes, it can be started on demand. But most apps do not talk to the dbus
service provided by g-s-d. The information provided by g-s-d is supplied
via other means (xsettings, for example) because we want all apps to use
those settings, not just GNOME apps that know about g-s-d. (xsettings is
understood by all GTK+ apps, and is a xdg specification)

In a GNOME session, it's started with the usual autostart mechanism.

So it's a bit unclear what's going wrong in your session, but part of
this is that the xdg autostart mechanism doesn't work for you since
either the WM/desktops you're using are not supporting it, or because
the corresponding .desktop files have a OnlyShowIn=GNOME; key.


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