alacarte - blowing up menus in kde3 and enlightenment when changes made in gnome??


This is strange, but I have a sense that alacarte is causing changes to the menus in my kde3 and enlightenment (E17) desktops (really bad changes).

After making changes today to the menus in gnome 2.30.1, I started kde3 and was shocked to find my kde3 menus nearly empty and nearly all of the menu items had found there way into the "Lost & Found" submenu. Further, the items in my kde3 menus that remained were items that I changed in gnome.

It was like the only menu items I had left in kde3 were the ones I had added or changed in gnome and all of the other menu items were flushed away into the "Lost & Found" submenu.

Further, in E17, the items I had changed in gnome were changed in my E17 menu as well.

Is this possible - could alacarte be screwing up my menus in my other desktops? If so can I get my menus back to normal by changing some gnome settings so that alacarte will not mess with my other menus?


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