GDM Login


I am the author of tokentube, an integration component for LUKS
encrypted disks and PAM. There are some conceptual slides about
tokentube in case you're interested:

For convenience, my software provides a configurable option to cache the
credentials provided by the user for the LUKS decryption
("Pre-Boot-Authentication") and to automatically attempt a desktop login
using those credentials. I am now looking for the easiest and/or
conceptually best approach to implement this behaviour with GNOME >=

For the older GNOME releases I implemented a replacement gdmgreeter
binary that passes the cached credentials to the GDM server socket. If
successful, the GNOME session is than started - otherwise my replacement
gdmgreeter simply executes the original gdmgreeter binary to allow
manual login.

What would be the most suitable approach to implement this functionality
for the newer GDM subsystem?


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