Gnome panel(Gnome 2.x) contex menu(right click) doesn't pop for non-GtkLabel& another question

As described in the title, I have two questions:
1. This is only for my hope-made app(works fine for other panel apps). In the famous "Hello world" example,
it's only contains a label widget, so when I do this in my app the context menu is fine.
But when I add other non-label widget(only GtkComboBox and GtkButton(s)), the context menu works for the label, but not for the other widgets.
I also try to test it by adding to the GtkBox another GtkLabel(with all the above widgets), and guess what? Both labels response correctly for right click,
and the other widgets doesn't.
The context menu xml and verbs is the same to this Hello World Vala example:
It's strange, right? All the other applets work fine!(also "non-labeled")

2. As I said before, I have an ComboBox in the panel, which contains different icons.
On one hand the box is too short(only icons display for choosing), but on the other hand, I don't want a too much expanded ComboBox(icon+ name of player + stat+ current playing + control button...)
So the idle solution for this, in my opinion, is to pop up some GtkContainer when I click the icon(I would give up the V drop-list button if necessary).
Then, I could add this "Box"(GtkContainer) what ever widget I want, and when the user hover it, I'll paint it blue. This is my idle solution, feel free to share your opinion.
But the problems are how to pop some GtkContainer when clicking the icon, and how to pop-down when clicking outside of it?

I hope I've made myself clear. I'm not sure if this is the right mailing list, just was the most appropriate by description, in my opinion.

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