Desktop Development Idea

Dear all,

I've joined the Linux community, thanks to Ubuntu about 4 years ago. It also encouraged me to learn programming, but it remains a hobby and I'm not very good at it. Although I'm quite happy with Ubuntu and Gnome in general, developments last year have been quite frustrating: I really didn't like Gnome 3, nor did I enjoy Ubuntu's Unity. So I've come to think what I would consider a good desktop environment and there's this idea I got, on which I tried to work. However, as I said, I am novice in programming, it's not my main activity and the learning curve is really slow because I sometime have to stay few months without programming...

Anyway this idea keeps pushing in my head and I don't want it to go wasted. So I would like to share it with you. Is this the right place? My hope is to find people who find the idea appealing and who would like to work on it or guide me a little.



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