Fedora15 focus issues with Gnome

Hi All,
I am using Fedora15 with the Gnome theme,
but the problem I am facing is that,

When ever i run my Installer which is built using the InstallJammer so at the time of installation,
the first window of installer hides behind the Current Window, even if my installation window hides behind the current window if i do

1) Alt + space its working on my installation window not on current window.
2) Alt + F4 it closes my installation window which was hides behind the current window.
3) If i switch to another work station and come back to the previous work station then it will display the installation window on the top.

So, from that above observation i think that my window is on top but the Gnome is not displaying it on the Top.

Is it a bug in Gnome for Fedora 15 or what ??
Any one has any suggestion or idea.


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