How to find the header file and cflags about a specific function?

I hope I post on the right list.
Now, I'm using gtk(or gnome related) libraries. Such as gconf and gsettings. But when I look up the documents, I find that the document does not tell me which header file should I include in my c source code.
For example, when I want to call gconf_client_get_default() or g_settings_new(), I wouldn't know which header file to include, if I did not search on the web.
Can anyone tell me how to find the information about header files in the documents? All I find in the documents says when I write a program using gtk+ function, I should include the gtk/gtk.h and use pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-3.0 as compile flags. But how about it when I use gsettings' or gconf's function or other function related to gnome?



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