Re: Developing using libraries installed via jhbuild

On Wed, 2014-05-07 at 00:09 -0004, Tristian Celestin wrote:
I used jhbuild to download and install the most recent version of the
GTK and GtkSourceView libraries (both 3.12). These most recent
versions are installed in ~/jhbuild/install.

I also have GTK 3.10, GtkSourceView 3.10, and Clang installed in the
usual system directories (/usr/include, /usr/lib64).

I would like to develop an application using GTK 3.12, GtkSourceView
3.12, and Clang. How do I configure to search for the GTK
and GtkSourceView in ~/jhbuild/install instead of /usr/include while
ensuring that libclang is still found in /usr/lib64. Currently, I'm
using pkg_config to detect the GTK libraries. 

   You should certainly not require anything out of the ordinary or
anything custom in your

The jhbuild scripts will automatically setup your environment so that a
standard configure script will first find packages in your jhbuild
install prefix before falling back on your system prefix.

Assuming that libclang is NOT installed in your jhbuild prefix, then
your module will simply fall back to finding it in the standard system

To make things easier, just type "jhbuild shell" (which will setup the
environment to prioritize your jhbuild installation and give you a
nested shell) and then configure/build/run your application always from
within your jhbuild shell.


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