[glib] Simple program to catch keyboard, mouse events.

Hi all.

I'm trying to write simple program to read events from usb keyboard and
usb mouse in such manner:

// I counted number of bytes per event by with command
// sudo cat /dev/input/mouse0 | od -c
gboolean cb_mouse(GIOChannel *source, GIOCondition condition, gpointer
    gchar ev[MOUSE_EVENT_SIZE];
    gsize bytes_read;

    g_io_channel_read_chars(source, ev, MOUSE_EVENT_SIZE, &bytes_read,
    cout << "event1\n";

// Counted in the same manner as for mouse0
gboolean cb2(GIOChannel *source, GIOCondition condition, gpointer data)
    gchar ev[KEYBOARD_PRESS_SIZE];
    gsize bytes_read;

    g_io_channel_read_chars(source, (gchar *)&ev, KEYBOARD_PRESS_SIZE,
&bytes_read, nullptr);
    cout << "event2\n";

int main()
    int fd1, fd2;
    GIOChannel *c1, *c2;

    c1 = g_io_channel_new_file("/dev/input/mouse0", "r", nullptr);
    c2 = g_io_channel_new_file("/dev/input/event11", "r", nullptr);

    g_io_channel_set_encoding(c1, NULL, NULL);
    g_io_channel_set_encoding(c2, NULL, NULL);

    g_io_add_watch_full(c1, G_PRIORITY_HIGH, G_IO_IN, cb1, NULL, NULL);
    g_io_add_watch_full(c2, G_PRIORITY_HIGH, G_IO_IN, cb2, NULL, NULL);

    GMainLoop *loop = g_main_loop_new(nullptr, false);


    // ... cleanup

When I'm launching the program with activate single channel (mouse or
keyboard) all works well.

There are troubles for two and more channels.

What I'm doing wrong?

PS: My target is to write program with >10 of such channels each channel
opens a file and read the data from it. All channels must work perfect
in context of one main loop.



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