sticky notes applet from gnome-applets-3.18.2 on Ubuntu 16.04

Hi everybody,
I am coming to this list because I could not find any responses
elswhere; people on launchpad seem very slow on reacting, I have some
years old questions that didn't get any answer.
There is a problem that looks like a bug in the sticky notes applet from
gnome-applets-3.18.2-1 in Ubuntu 16.04: the notes are not being saved at
all, everything is lost after logout and login again.

I am ready to hack the sources if I need to.

I remember that in Ubuntu 14.04, the sticky notes applet preferences
allowed to select the file name where to save the notes; but there is no
such option in this version; more than that, installing the 3.14 version
of the applets and applet data do not bring the option back in Ubuntu
16.04, so it seems it relies on something else, but I have no clue where
to look.

Can anybody help me?


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