Critics for enhancing gnome.

Hi to all the gnome-dev and to all the member of this mailing list,

I want to emit some critics about gnome, for enhancing this wonderful

desktop, which will be the default desktop For Ubuntu next, Unity is out !


"All was OK in Gnome 3.18"

Then comes the problems as I update with the ppa gnome3-staging


1. The functionality for compressing a folder only propose 3 compressing algorithms.

Before you get a combo box where you can choose from plenty of algorithms.


2. The default action by clicking on a compressed file was to open it

with the compressed file manager not to extract the file !

For extracting a file their is a menu item into the contextual menu.


3. The functionality for open a file with the default application was good with the sub-menu into the contextual menu instead of displaying the application-chooser.

Even if the single contextual menu item doesn't work properly if you select more than 1 file.


In the hope I've been heard.


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