Re: critic for forwarding the gnome desktop.


My inline replies below represent my (and only mine) opinions.

On Sun, Aug 13, 2017 at 1:45 PM, Bruggemann Eddie
<mailing list user911 gmail com> wrote:
Sorry it was not my intention to hurt someone.

No problem. This is inherent to any disagreement on the internet. :)
(even thought "not my intention" is a non-apology apology).

But I don't want a product which you buy

GNOME is the effort of various people with various opinions that can
rationally come to a common ground for the greater good.

I want motivate, valorous, ... developers working for a better world and

So do I, but it is important to acknowledge that most of us need to
pay their bills too (can we save the world while hungry?)

Not prostitutes that you pay.

I respect every single honest form of work.

Lambda are useful to test softwares per example and anyway the lambda user
will become more familiar with the system when the child will grow and
everybody get a computer today.

That's my grandmother that you are talking about! :p She is as
entitled to use a purely free and safe desktop as much as us, despite
her lack of technical background.

But I get this feeling that thirty part programmers are not very

My understanding is that there's no such a thing as third parties and
first-parties. GNOME is a self driven community.

Linux is for me the best system for development.


And Linux has few users comparing to the bad Windows and The ugly dirty

Development is almost not doable correctly on Mac if you don't know
Objective C or Swift.

And their XCode + complicated distributing.

Porting to windows is difficult at the beginning but is easy meat for me

Sorry again if I hurt someone with this words.


On 12/08/2017 19:40, Felipe Borges wrote:

On 12 Aug 2017 13:43, "Bruggemann Eddie" <mailing list user911 gmail com>

P.S: For GNU/Linux mainly, it was a system designed from hackers for hackers
(in the right sens of the word ! Not criminals.).

So don't suck the ass of the lambda user too much to become a Winux...

please, abstain from these kind of non-constructive comments.

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