Not Adwaita based new theme - Questions

Hello, my name is Gabrielle, sorry for my poor English, i'm not native.

I'm looking for someone who is working on developing default GTK system theme - Adwaita.

I've created my own system theme, that is not another "fork" of Adwaita.

I didn't published this theme yet, i created everything myself,

and now after comiling scss to css i can see that i need to test it more against different gtk widgets.

I'm not C programmer, my current system is Linux Arch with xfce4,

i wish i could finish this theme to the point its working fine on different DE, but i'm not sure

if i don't miss some important styles, the idea behind my project was to create linux that is looking like

photoshop cs6, this is one and only thing that i miss from windows ;/

Kind regards,


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