Re: Discussion about adding icon thumbnails to the file picker

On Wed, 13 Jan 2021 at 16:32, <rain1 airmail cc> wrote:
There is an interesting patch mentioned
which I have built and tested. I do not think that this patch is ready
to merge but it is a good start and the code may be useful to somebody
working on implementing this feature.

That patch is, quite emphatically, *not* a good start. It was rejected for a reason.

Anyway I am interested in what any GNOME developers think about this
particular feature request.

* Would a high quality pull request that implements this feature be

Have you read the issue you linked? There's a whole discussion about this feature, what the requirements for its inclusion are, and what GTK developers expect from anybody working on it.

* If not why not?

Not for GTK3, which is feature and API frozen.

If you had read the issue you linked above, you'd have seen that using GtkIconView has very clear downsides when it comes to showing 1000s of files. The issues are caused by inherent algorithmic problems in the IconView widget that cannot be fixed.

In order to provide scalable, reflowing icon grids we had to implement a whole new set of data containers and widgets in GTK4. Those cannot be backported to GTK3.

If contributors want to add an icon grid to the file selection dialog in GTK4, they are more than welcome to work on it.

* Is there any internal work on this feature that is not known outside

* Would there be any communication and guidance from the GNOME project
to outside developers aiming to contribute an implementation of this?

All merge requests will be reviewed.



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