Newbie developer: /bin/sh sees command with arguments as name for binary


I am in the process of adding multi-threaded support to file-roller. Unfortunately I have run into a weird problem where the command that gets generated for `tar` works in terminal but not inside file-roller. Somehow /bin/sh seems to interpret whatever you give to --use-compress-program="" as a binary rather than a binary and an argument.
This is what I currently have:
The lbzip2 code at line 217 in src/fr-command-tar.c is what I am currently working with. Compressing something to tar.bz2 with lbzip2 installed fails since /bin/sh cannot find the command "lbzip2 -n 1".
The code for actually running the command seems to be in src/fr-process.c line 944, but I cannot really make any sense of it. I am pretty much a complete newbie and this is my first time working on a program in C.
I would appreciate if someone could take a look at the code and see if they can find out what is going wrong.

By the way, and example command that is generated by file-roller is:
tar --force-local --no-recursion --no-wildcards -v -p -C /home/motofckr9k/osc/home:JulianGro/vircadia-domain -cf /home/motofckr9k/osc/home:JulianGro/vircadia-domain/.fr-F2ZXj4/vircadia-2021.1.0.tar.bz2 --use-compress-program='lbzip2 -n 1' -T /home/motofckr9k/.cache/.fr-Wc4QJ1/file-list --

Error message is:
/bin/sh: 1: lbzip2 -n 1: not found

Julian Groß

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