Re: Hello -- OOo Integration

Hi Ramanan,

On Mon, 2003-12-01 at 17:03, Ramanan Selvaratnam wrote:
> I am the Tamil module coordinator for GTP.
> [now subscribed to the CC'ed list as I am naturally interested in OOo
> too]


> Tamil is supported to satisfactory levels as of Pango 1.2.5 upwards.


> So at a time when good Gnome l10n can be restarted I was annoyed to find
> out that the little l10n community that has been amassed getting forked
> with the dedicated OOo l10n started. Worryingly that it turn looked
> threatening to fork in two but it might be able to be stopped.

	Well; OO.o has it's own translation scheme and a totally separate set
of people working on it. Of course - it'd be nice if we could encourage
Gnome translators to work on OO.o ( IMHO ). What does the tool-set look
like for Gnome OO.o work ( what would we have to do to be able to be on
the high-scores page for translations ). I guess if we could write an
intltool backend that could extract OO.o strings to a .po file - would
that help people translate OO.o strings and/or are people interested in
this ? [it could be made much easier than it is perhaps].

> Reusing strings without breaking the carefully constructed FSF
> copyrights is the primary goal (for me). 

	The copyright ownership is not important to me; however contributions
have to be 'joint' assigned under the JCA to Sun for use in their
propriatory StarOffice product in order to get up-stream.

> Could some one point me to a resource or explain what additional GTK2+
> features are involved. (I have already seen the initial presentation
> few months back under what I would like to know is
> what apps are working ...what is new etc.

	OO.o is using neither gtk+ nor pango; although it'd be rather nice if
it would use pango - I've no understanding of the details involved
there; perhaps it's doable.

> Is it easy to extract what is free form any non free stuff in XD2?
> Eg: Lets say I wanted to distribute on  Gnoppix (strict Debian)...

	Sure; the Debian packagers are working with us, checkout the
'openoffice' module from CVS for our latest patch sets configure with



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