Re: Fixing 5th Toe in status pages

Carlos Perelló Marín <> написа:
> El lun, 01-12-2003 a las 15:55, Jordi Mallach escribió:
>> On Wed, Nov 26, 2003 at 08:13:20PM +0100, Ole Laursen wrote:
>> > So sound-juicer is on the Fifth Toe page now, stickynotes_applet is
>> > nuked and gcm and gnomeradio has been moved to extras.
>> What about drwright?
> It's included inside gnome-control-center since GNOME 2.4

I think Jordi was just reminding that it should be removed from the
status pages now that it's inside gnome-control-center. :)

Though, I'll add that things like 'gswitchit' *shouldn't* be removed
from status pages until official Gnome release (2.6) comes which
replaces it (just like we didn't remove drwright until 2.4 was


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