Re: Gnome Jabber translations

Martyn Russell <> writes:
> I would like Gnome Jabber translated and have been advised to post it
> here.

I strongly advise that you consider including Gnome Jabber in Gnome
CVS -- that will allow translators to always work with most up to
date version of your software, and it will provide you with much more
translators (trust me on this one :).

> I have attached the POT file.

That's not generally how it works (it can, but translators won't
update it very often, if at all -- and that is, clearly, a bad thing).

If you're reluctant to switch to Gnome CVS (I think the Gnome project
will be happy to provide you with CVS services -- it won't put any
obligations on you whatsoever, except of not messing else's work :),
then the best choice is Translation Project:
Read this page for introduction on including you project in
Translation Project.

Still, I'll repeat: if you don't have any particular reason *against*
using Gnome CVS, there're benefits to using it, and good and many
translations is one of them.

> I am new to this list, if there is anything extra required, or steps
> that I need to take before I can proceed, please advise :)

Hope this is at least a bit helpful.


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