intltool 0.28 is available

A new release of the intltool package is available; this time codenamed
"...Jeg har aldrig rigtig brudt mig om glögg, det smager lidt ligesom
 Sverige lugter ;-) (From Jul på Vesterbro)". The intltool package is a
set of tools for translating the contents of data files using the
gettext translation framework.

As always we suggest everyone to upgrade.

Brian Cameron fixed a long standing issue in intltool - the migration to
a real XML parser -  which means that it now depends on XML::Parser.
Malcolm Tredinnick made sure to fix some of the new bugs introduced by
this as well as some other long standing bugs!
Thanks goes to Brian Cameron! and to Sun Microsystem for sponsoring
him ;-) and thanks goes to Malcolm for picking up Scrollkeeper hacking
and keeping an eye on intltool at the same time.

Thanks guys!

Some of the changes in intltool since last release:

* made intltool-merge use XML::Parser (#116526 and others) [Brian
  - added and updated tests
  - updated so that intltool-merge doesn't add a trailing '\n'
    character to CDATA values.
  - Corrected the logic of encoding/decoding the string
    before/after translation.
  - Added it to build, made it install (Kenneth Christiansen)
    - Added missing DESTDIR (Abel Cheung)
    - Also nstall in the distribution tree (Malcolm T)
    - Check for the XML::Parser module at build time (Malcolm T)
* Added INTLTOOL_KBD_RULE for GOK\s *.kdb files (Bill Haneman)
* Added --multiple-output option (Kenneth Christiansen)
* Avoid bashism in xgettext version check. (#120267) (Abel Cheung)
* Handle standard GNU gettext 0.12 and 0.13 installations (Malcolm T)
* Fix the running of test 18 (multiple output test) (Malcolm T)

Intltool 0.28 installs a XML::Parser::Style module in your source
directory. Be sure that your are doing the following (from the README):

  Add,, and
  intltool-modules/XML/Parser/Style/ to EXTRA_DIST in your
  top-level and also to the top-level .cvsignore. Also add
  the versions to .cvsignore

You can find the source code for intltool 0.28 on GNOME FTP site:

If you have problems with intltool, please report bugs at 

    -- Kenneth

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