help with perl and i18n

Hi all :),

I've got a little problem adding i18n to the gnome-system-tools
backends, they are in the setup-tools-backends cvs module (might need
some cvs surgery to work properly, but that's another issue) and are
written in perl.

The fact is that I think that I've modified correctly and and added successfully the po/ directory, and I'm even able
to extract the translatable strings using "make update-po" and
"intltool-update --pot", but adding this in the code:

use Locale::gettext;
use POSIX;

setlocale (LC_MESSAGES, "");
bindtextdomain ("setup-tools-backends",
textdomain ("setup-tools-backends");

doesn't work, the gettext functions return the unstranslated strings. at
the moment I've hardcoded the textdomain and locale dir variables, and
for testing purposes I've created this .mo file:


because my locale is es_ES@euro

any clue? :)

	hope you can help, regards

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