Hello -- Why not on GTP

Hello Bluefish team,

I am translation coordinator for Tamil in GTP.

Why is the po file for Gtk (Gtk-port ?) not handled via the GTP (CC'ed).
Bluefish would have to live in Gnome CVS for this I am told.

Pandian (CC'ed) had aquired the Bluefish po file via another translaton

As we all know Bluefish is so good and integrates so well within Gnome.

The copyrights match with GTP and Pandian is willing to participate
with  Gnome translations. Infact we will be translating in close contact
with all important free desktop  apps.

(As it would happen in most languages) To  define new words to describe
new concepts is not an esay task. Bluefish is deep stuff :). 
Also not all translation projects find the patience and time to

So would it not be a good idea to ensure it integrates into the Gnome
desktop uniformly wherever Pango and gettext supports it?  

There are many additional benefits I can think of but will keep my first
post short.

All the best,


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