Re: gucharmap unicode nameslist strings

Hi Noah,

Noah Levitt <> writes:
> This stuff comes from the unicode standard, and there is
> information like it for quite a few characters, but a
> minority of them. There are 806 “alias names” and 1484
> “notes” in unicode 4.0.
> Should I mark these strings for translation? 

It would be nice if entire UnicodeData.txt is localized too (more on
that in answer to your other mail). OTOH, most people seem to dislike
mixing of English with their native language.

Still, even those can probably put simply English originals in
"translation", and that should work for them too, yet leaving an
option to everybody to choose if they want it translated.

Since these strings are already present in POT, it can be a problem
because gettext doesn't allow having several translations for the
same string, so this would make it impossible for people to use
English "Notes:" in the 'view', and have it translated otherwise if
you don't take some special care (like marking context 
"[In view]Notes:").

Since these strings are already marked for translation (at least
sr.po has them translated), I don't think it's bad to use them there


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