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On Fri, 2003-12-19 at 14:49, Olivier Sessink wrote: 
> On Wed, 17 Dec 2003 17:36:07 +0000 Ramanan Selvaratnam <>
> wrote:
> > 
> > So would it not be a good idea to ensure it integrates into the Gnome
> > desktop uniformly wherever Pango and gettext supports it?  
> at this moment I'm not sure whether Bluefish is allowed to be a gnome
> project,

Please see what Gnome i18n coordinator thinks below. There might be
Anyway in the Tamil domain Bluefish is well received. I like it a lot.
Other translation teams might have similar ideas.

The idea is to translate (and maintain) in the same context as other
similar software.
I am sure you agree that it is the only way to ensure the Gnome desktop
is really useful.

Further ...
>  since we only use GTK and not all of Gnome (so we don't call the
> gnome session manager and things like that). 
Although I do not fully understand the intricacies...

> The good thing is that we
> therefore do not need any gnome libraries on a system to run ;-)
must point out that... as Abiword from a similar position (actually GTK is not used there)
somehow integrates  tightly with Nautilus, I wonder whether you have
explored presenting an option to open atleast HTML in Bluefish (by
Uniform pango support is a good thing from my point of view.
There will be good UTF-8 encoded websites :)

All the best,


Subject: Re: Bluefish and CC issues
From: Christian Rose <>
Cc: GNOME I18N List <>
In-Reply-To: <1071602945.1026.1397.camel@sita>

tis 2003-12-16 klockan 20.29 skrev Ramanan Selvaratnam:
> Why is Bluefish not handled through the GTP?

Because Bluefish is not in GNOME CVS (it uses Sourceforge according to
its homepage at The GTP only translates
what's in GNOME CVS.

Thus, if you feel that you would like an application to be translated by
the GTP, you must first convince the application developers to use GNOME


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