Only THREE complete GNOME 2.4 translations (was Re:nautilus-cd-burner string addition)

tor 2003-12-18 klockan 21.29 skrev Bastien Nocera:
> nautilus-cd-burner for GNOME 2.4 had a bug that, to be fixed, required
> an additional string. I also took the chance to backport a few fixes
> from HEAD. We're planning on releasing a last bug fix tarball for GNOME
> 2.4 probably next week, so the braves can get to making sure that that
> piece of software is well i18n'ed ;)

I'd like to remind translators that there is now only three (3) complete
GNOME 2.4 translations; sv, sr and cy. See for
the details. Three complete translations is a shame -- we used to have

Also remember Bastien's words -- this is the last chance to get those
nautilus-cd-burner translations complete in a released tarball.

It's great to have so many working on GNOME 2.5/2.6 translations, but
don't completely forget about our stable relase. ;-)


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