Re: CVS modules for translations

Arafat Medini menulis:
> Hi,
> Excuse my "dumbness" but how will this help me as a coordinator to
> upload in an easy way my files ? And can this have any impact on the ppl
> working with me and who want to upload occasionally some pos (as you
> were mentioning HTTP).

just check out po dir of the selected module & commit
May be you and not familiar with cvs,  but somehow, we can checkout only 
2 file

assume you want to commit arab translation of gnome-panel and it's on HEAD

1. cvs co gnome-panel/po
2. replace ar.po with new one in po dir
3. msgfmt -vc ar     (to check the po file contained error or not)
4. modify ChangeLog
5. cvs commit ChangLog ar.po

but the problem is, if the translation is not uptodate, we can't merge 
it with source.

> yours
> Arafat Medini
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