RE: new release of the gnome-system-tools


Until I saw the mail below, I didn't know about the need to translate the 
setup-tools-backends module. I just commited the Portuguese translation to 
the HEAD branch.

Shouldn't this module also be added to the 2.6/fifth-toe status pages? It 
would make it a lot easier to maintain the translation.

By the way... Thanks Carlos for notifying about the release in advance! It 
is always a good thing when module maintainers notify us. Pity that this 
isn't a common action for all module maintainers.

Have fun. Be happy. Have all a great 2004 (for those following the gregorian 

P.S. - There was no sv.po translation. What happened to the "Swedish 
conspiracy"? And the "Serbian conspiracy"? Watch out for the "Czech 
conspiracy", by the way... ;)

Duarte "HappyGuy" Loreto

"Don't worry, be happy!"

>Subject: new release of the gnome-system-tools
>From: Carlos Garnacho <>
>Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2003 22:08:38 +0100
>hi all :),
>to fit in the gnome 2.5 schedule, a new release of the
>gnome-system-tools will be done on late sunday (GMT+1 time), could you
>have a look at this?
>as an addition for this release, from now the gst backends will also
>have strings to translate, the po directory is in
>gnome-system-tools/backends/po or in the setup-tools-backends module
>(the backends directory in the gst module is a link to it), sorry for
>adding you more work to do :-P
>	thank you very much for your work

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