Re: about autoconf, automake and gettext versions

El lun, 29-12-2003 a las 03:52, Jeff Waugh escribió:
> <quote who="Malcolm Tredinnick">
> > I had been thinking about the same thing, except that I was going to pitch
> > it as something we should do for GNOME 2.8 (since we probably should take
> > an entire release cycle to ensure it all works).
> James had been pushing very hard for it for 2.6, but it doesn't seem to have
> happened, and he hasn't been around much recently. If we can establish the
> favoured versions soon, perhaps we can specify this as an early required
> change for 2.8.

Hmm perhaps we could say it's a suggest for 2.6 release and a must for
the 2.8 one?


> - Jeff
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