Re: 2.4 still relevant?

mňn 2003-12-29 klockan 12.36 skrev ┼smund SkjŠveland:
> I've backported a few of my translations for HEAD to gnome-2-4. But is
> there really any point to keep doing so? According to the release
> schedule, there's not going to be any more GNOME 2.4 releases, so it
> looks like any effort directed at gnome-2-4 is wasted.

Yeah, I think 2.4 is more or less obsolete now, and that almost all
translation efforts should go into 2.5/2.6 now. I've ignored 2.4 myself
for the last round of updates that I've committed for other translators.

That being said, there is still a possibility for new bugfix releases of
2.4 modules, so keeping an eye on those stats for that reason is still
advised, especially if you've previously had 100% coverage on 2.4. Don't
want to have the last 2.4 release be incomplete for such a language that
previously had 100% coverage... ;-)

But for languages that haven't been anything near complete for 2.4, I'd
say the efforts are *much* better spent on translating 2.5/2.6 now, if
you aren't already.

CC:ing the release team to be sure, though.


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