Re: Fields in GTP status pages

El mié, 31-12-2003 a las 13:11, Ole Laursen escribió:
> Görkem Çetin <> writes:
> > While checking out
> >,
> > I was puzzled that 'module' and 'path' fields are almost identical.
> >
> > Is 'path' field really necessary? I'm using a 1024x768 screen
> > resolution and Mozilla cannot render the whole page - I have to use
> > the slider bar to see the graph located on the very right hand side.
> > If this path field is omitted, than there's a very high probability
> > that the page fits on a standard 1024x768 monitor.
> There's already a bug in about it which I filed. I
> think Carlos is going to/has already fixed it for the next revamp of
> the status pages. But I guess he has had too much else to do lately to
> work on that revamp.

The "revamp" is done with 1024x768 resolution in mind, you can see it at

I'm working on it, but it's not my priority now. Until the GNOME 2.6
freeze date I'm trying to improve GNOME, when we start the freeze
period, I will focus all my energies to finish status pages.

Carlos Perelló Marín
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Valencia - Spain

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