Re: [gnome-network]remote shell UI

On Wed, 2003-12-10 at 04:52, Ross Golder wrote:
> On พ., 2003-12-10 at 06:55, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> > Hi
> > 
> > I have been thinking about a feature that would be really useful, which
> > is a UI to manage the ~/.ssh/ directory. That is, one for creating the
> > SSH keys, copy them to a server, send them via email (calling
> > evolution), etc
> > 
> I thought about doing something like this too, but I thought about it
> from the perspective of panel applet that would manage an ssh-agent for
> you, plus a control center applet for adding/removing keys and copying
> them to remote servers, displaying them in a editable widget.
oh, well, that's another option, an applet and control center applet.
Although it would be nice to not have the applet at all, but have it
work like ssh-askpass-gnome works.

>  I can't
> think why you would want to e-mail them though :) (?)
well, when you have somebody asking you for the public key to install on
a server. I've sent mine many times :-)

> > I first thought on having a control center applet (to be in
> > Applications->Desktop Preferences->Advanced->Network), but this might be
> > confusing given there is also a network config tool in the menu, if you
> > install GNOME System Tools.
> How about a control center applet (Applications->Desktop
> Preferences->Advanced->SSH keys)? This wouldn't be too confusing would
> it?
what about 'Network security' or something like that, so that we can add
later on the management of other kinds of certificates? Or do we only
want to manage SSH keys?

> > So, I've thought it could be in a Edit->Preferences menu in the
> > gnome-remote-shell tool. That would mean adding a menu bar to
> > gnome-remote-shell. How would that look?
> > 
> I'm still a gnome-terminal user (as will many people be to begin with
> unless gnome-remote-shell replaces it in some way).
well, it's intended to replace gnome-terminal for typing ssh and telnet
commands. It launches gnome-terminal to run those commands. It's just a
convenience UI around those commands.

>  If the key editing
> stuff was all locked in gnome-remote-shell, I wouldn't be able to make
> use of it (would I?). Somewhere a bit more 'neutral' than
> gnome-remote-shell (but still within gnome-network) probably might be
> better for this stuff.

> > Any thoughts?
> Just my humble opinions. Do your own thing, by all means ;)
no, my intention is to get to the best solution, so every opinion
counts. Your arguments are quite good, so I guess it makes a lot of
sense to do a control center applet. The only thing is the menu item
label. SSH Keys might be good if we only want to manage SSH.


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