Re: [gnome-network]Binary units

El jue, 11-12-2003 a las 03:33, William Jon McCann escribió:
> Patrick Costello wrote:
> > I admit that there is confusion about the meaning of K, M and G as binary
> > multipliers. However, I have seen no evidence that the SI-proposed Ki, Mi
> > and Gi have gained universal acceptance, or even common currency. On the
> > contrary, five years after the SI proposal was published, the common
> > industry usage is still to use K, M, G as binary multipliers. The
> > SI-proposed binary multipliers are probably in the process of becoming
> > established within the scientific and academic worlds. More than likely,
> > after a certain incubation period, the SI multipliers will be absorbed into
> > general use. Right now, though, I think that we would be in danger of
> > confusing end-users even more, rather than clearing up the confusion, if we
> > switched to the SI-proposed multipliers. 
> > 
> > Pat
> I think that seems reasonable.  On the other hand, maybe most people 
> won't even notice the difference between "367 MiB" and "367 MB" in context.
> I haven't seen much of this in common usage either.  Maybe we should 
> lead the charge?  I'm only half kidding.  The linux kernel apparently 
> made the switch <> a few years ago. 
> Of course, that is much less visible.  It just seems that following the 
> standards is part of our culture.
> Just by coincidence, I just noticed the definition for the first 
> asterisk on this page:
> <>
> I guess in the meantime we should change gnome-netinfo to use 
> "B,KB,MB,GB,...".  Sound OK, German?

I would like to be pretty sure what each unit means: 10^x or 2^x
for GNOME-doc guys.  According the SI, if we change to KB (wrong), 
MB, GB... also we should change the way to make the conversions.

Germán Poó Caamaño
mailto:gpoo ubiobio cl

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