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On 2003.12.18 20:10, Andreas J. Guelzow wrote:

Pardon me? There is a traditional/historic use of KB, MB etc. Moreover,
none of these abbreviations are covered by SI since B is not an SI unit.

No there isn't. Some people who don't understand what they are actually saying say KB whatever they damn well please. Trying to perpetuate stuff like KB is not only wrong but it's only stupid. It's pretty much like saying the spell checkers should not care about "your" and "you're" cause most people get it wrong most of the time.

We should hope that you have better reasons than just that it is

a) KB is a stup invention created by ignorants.
b) there is a real standard alternative that everyone undertsands.

> And this is such an excellent example of an area where we could have had
> the courage to share the lead of development, instead of cowardly just
> refer to traditional use and leave it like that, just the behavior that
> we wanted to change.

Perhaps if you would explain the benefit of using decimal powers to
measure something inherently given in binary powers, you could persuade
people. But so far the argument in favour of decimal powers eludes me.

That's because you just didn't get the general idea which is to use the new i units.

Prof. Dr. Andreas J. Guelzow

Oh really ? My word.

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