[gnome-network]Remote Shell UI Mockup

Hi Folks,

I've been thinking about the UI for a while and playing around with
Glade for that long too. I've tried to keep the UI simple as we can
currently see with Remote Shell but at the same time added a few things
that are missing for a full fledged GNOME application.

You can see the mock-up at http://www.nishra.com/files/rs-mockup-1.png

I would appreciate any feedback on this design. 



* Menubar
* Statusbar
* Preferences window
* Re-implementation of the window elements
* "Quick connect" handlebar


I have removed the "window size" portion of the main window and will
place it in Preferences.

The "Method" portion has been consolidated under "Connect to remote
host" heading. As such, it is now modeled as a options menu, renamed to
"Mode", and placed before all other elements.

I have placed the "User" combo-entry box before the "Host" box. I take
this cue mostly from web browsers where we have the user placed ahead of
the password.

I have removed the "Help" and "Cancel" buttons as they no longer make
sense in a GNOME application. Only "Connect" exists.

I have added a "Quick connect" handlebox right below the menubar to
facilitate multiple, rapid host connections. The advantage of the
handlebox is that it can be separated from the application and placed in
a convenient location without having the entire application shown.


Remote Shell	Edit		Bookmarks	Help
------------	----		---------	----
Connect		Cut		Add Bookmark	Contents
Quit		Copy		Edit Bookmarks	About
		Manage Keys

1. Edit -> Manage Keys

   This will be a separate application from Remote Shell and will focus 
   on managing a user host keys and identity file, a host's keys, and 
   distribution of such keys to remote hosts or individuals. I have not 
   created a UI for this application. Your thoughts will be valuable in 
   this regard.

2. Edit -> Preferences

   This portion of the application will handle a terminal's window size,
   foreground color, background color, ssh compression level, ssh 
   compression algorithm, etc. We can specify as little or as many 
   options as we believe are a good fit for Remote Shell.


   I've been thinking of a name besides Bookmarks for this top level 
   menu but haven't found any that would be as easy to remember or to 
   understand at first glance.
   I have switched to using the "Sessions" name on a few occasions but I
   think it will confuse a new user or beginner as to the purpose of 
   this function.

   Any hosts bookmarked will show up after the "Edit bookmarks" element 
   and will also show up under the "Quick Connect" options menu.

Emil Soleyman-Zomalan <emil nishra com>

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