[gnome-network]Makefile.am in gnome-netinfo directory


first I want to say that I'm new to GNOME development but I have several
years of programming experience. Hopefully this doesn't mean that I have
too many stupid questions at the beginning.

In the future I want to help with the gnome-network package and my first
issue is this:

On some systems (like SuSE Linux 9) make fails in gnome-netinfo because
there is an include path that could cause some trouble. Is there someone
who can confirm that the following is enough:

        $(GNETWORK_CFLAGS)      \
-DGNOME_NETINFO_LOCALEDIR=\""$(datadir)/locale"\" \

I've only deleted this line:
-I$(includedir)		\


My second question is where to send patches for the gnome-network
package. Is it enough to post them here?


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