Re: [gnome-network]Multiple logins in the same machine


On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 22:31, Sankara Krishnamoorthy wrote:
> hey new guy here!, What the "you get all the apps
> running" means is that, if you have mozilla, evolution
> open in the first session, you will get that in the
> second parallel session, without having to explicitly
> start it(you just login, and bam! you have everything
> running in the first session)!

	Okay, I must be missing something here ! You cannot possibly mean that
the same client is displaying to 2 X displays, I also don't think its
possible the one instance of the session manager starts the same
applications that are running in the other instance of the session
manager ... so I'm lost. 

	Can someone explain whats actually going on ? :-)


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